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Hello and thank you for picking and playing Danmakoïd!
It is a solo gamejam project made for LD41, in 48 hours.
Jam theme was "Combine two uncompatible genres". I went with a mix between a metroidvania and a danmaku (bullet hell), hence the portmanteau name!

wasd/arrow keys - move
space - shoot (you need the upgrade first), you cannot turn around when shooting

explore, grab any ship upgrade you find and hunt the alien queen down!
Your weakpoint/hitbox is located on your cockpit. If you clear a midboss room you will regenerate one life!
The game is VERY HARD and might take you several tries. Figure out which route is the safest for you and you might be lucky enough to meet her majesty :)

I tried using an upside down workflow in order to evaluate how much time asset creation takes me. Assets first, risky and weird but fun!
Needless to say I got late on schedule, as planned :p
As you will have noticed, some stuff is missing: no music, lack of a good looking background and UI, and sound effect volume is all over the place!
I am happy with what I got though, lots of content for a 48h solo game!
I hope you will enjoy the game besides its flaws!

My nickname is Talops, I am a belgian technical artist student (jack of all trades with shader magic!), currently in the 3rd year of my Bachelor and undergoing an internship.
I love hard games in general, and especially input/movement-heavy ones. My adoration for the metroidvania and bullet hell genres are what inspired me to make this one!
Drop me a tweet! @talopsit


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Danmakoid_v1.0_Windows.zip 13 MB
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Danmakoid_v1.0_Linux.zip 30 MB
Danmakoid v1.0 source.zip 663 kB
Danmakoid_web.zip 4 MB
Danmakoid_V1.1_win.zip (Post Jam) 12 MB


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